Private and secure transactions on MultiversX ⚡️🌪




As you probably know, all your transaction history, your $EGLD and $ESDT balance, staking position, NFTs that you own etc. All that valious information is PUBLIC. Anyone that knows your herotag, anyone with whom you have exchanged any tokens, or any NFTs could easily be able to track all your movements, the source and the destination of your funds, the weight of your portfolio... Pulling on those strings they could track you to your CEX and find out all your on-chain activity.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Those were the rules of the game in Elrond, until now.

What if you want your history, your balance, your on-chain movements in the Elrond Network to be PRIVATE, away from everyone eyes?

If you want anonymity and privacy in your transactions we have a solution for you.

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